Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seven Lucky Tips and Essential Oils for Good Luck

1. The expression of confidence is a definite component of luck in a certain class of situations (especially social, and sometimes dealing with animals as well). From some perspectives confidence might appear best classified as a subset of optimism.

2. Networking of one form or another, believe it or not, is something lifeforms (and even inanimate objects!) were doing long before intelligence sprouted to take credit for it.

3. Preparation , practice, and study. The motto of the Boy Scouts is "be prepared". This notion, where actually executed prior to a crisis, can literally mean the difference between life and death. In less extreme circumstances it can mean the difference between a comfortable and interesting life, and a mediocre, painful, and boring one.

4. Leveraging the existing social order is often essential to good fortune. For example, in modern society quite a bit can be accomplished simply by cooperating with various bureaucracies and completing the proper paperwork-- while on the flip side, the lack of such cooperation or papers can bring even the most grandiose of projects to a standstill.

5. Risk-taking can be either voluntary or not, but just as you must usually pass through a doorway to gain access to a new environment, you must usually take a risk to find or exploit new opportunities. Risk accompanies virtually every breath and step we take in this world. It's a part of living.

6. Timing is sort of the metaphysical correlate to the modern maxim that "location, location, and location" are the three most important aspects to real estate values. If a person could fully exploit the timing of events, even just in the daily hum drum circumstances of their own life, they could in many cases accomplish amazing things.

7. Self-discipline. Mastering your own 'flight or fight' response: remaining cool and collected when those around you aren't, can at minimum present you with certain unique opportunities for advancement, and at maximum enable you to save your own life and those of others.

Essential Oils for Good Luck

Basil - is an antispasmodic so it can help relieve headaches, chest infections, digestive problems and sore, overworked muscles. Helpful for mental fatigue and stress. Invigorates the body, spirit, helps refresh the mind allowing concentration. Also used for prosperity in business.

Cinnamon Oil - is a rich warming scent that often reminds us of winter, Christmas and baking in the kitchen. This oils soothes digestion and warms the kidneys. Also used to enhance money energy. Increases your creativity.

Frankincense - Particularly useful on mature skin because of its rejuvenating properties. It has a calming and relaxing effect. Calms coughs and helps the respiratory tract. Also used for purification, luck, protection and spirituality.

Ginger - This spicy warming oil is good in preparations for muscular fatigue, rheumatism and arthritis. Increases bio-electric energy. Also used for prosperity, wealth and abundance.

Patchouli - This oil calms nerves, lifts depression, reduces inflammation, fights infection and stimulates sexual desire. Patchouli is associated with abundance and prosperity.

Peppermint- This cooling oil relieves pain, muscle spasms, reduces inflammation, fights infection, clears congestion, opens sinuses. Regulates oiliness in skin, helps in digestion, stimulates the brain and promotes nerve health Also used for luck.

Vetiver- This pungent oil stimulates circulation, improves immunity, fights infection, relieves muscle spasms, calms nerves and stimulates sexual desire. Also used for love, luck and money.

Try a new perspective on creating luck in your life. Blend one or two of the above aromatic oils into a base of sunflower, safflower or jojoba and make a motivating massage oil or perfume. Also try diffusing any one of these oils in the air to spark your intentions.

Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac(Author)

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